Remembering Gina

This page is created in honor of Gina Tortericci, so that her friends and family may remember her in life. Gina Tortericci was a great daughter, a great friend and a great student.


Dec. 4th – I would like to extend a sincere thank-you to everyone who came to say goodbye to our Gina at yesterday’s service. I really shouldn’t be surprised over how many people made it to the memorial service. I should tell you that Gail made so many cookies I was worried I would be eating cookies for every meal through the New Year. And yet all of the cookies were gone by the time we all left, because that’s how many people showed up.

They say the worst thing for a parent to endure is having their child die before them. It is not enough that Gina died and a piece of my heart is missing forever. It is the reminder every morning when we wake up and face a city that has not healed, that continues to stare me in the face, that leaves me wishing I could do more to honor my baby girl’s life, to make her time here on Earth mean something. I struggle every day with this desire. I hope at least Gina has found her peace. Thank you.